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Super Amazing Wagon Adventure has a Royale PC Debut

The PC version of Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is out now! Not only that, itís debuting exclusively as part of the Indie Royale Getaway Bundle. Check it out! Needless to say, Iím ecstatic and extremely grateful to have my game released in such good company (the lineup in this bundle is pretty excellent) and to such a big audience. If past Indie Royales are any indication the PC version of the game should reach many more people in a week than the Xbox version has in nearly 2 months. Iím also grateful for my very helpful beta testers who were invaluable in putting together the PC release. I also want to thank everyone who has supported the development in anyway, especially all the super amazing gamers who sent me encouraging words and kept me working hard. Thanks everyone! There are a few other new things worth mentioning.

If youíre on the fence about the game, thereís a free PC demo! Go play it! The demo is essentially the same as the Xbox trial game but without the annoying 8 minute time limit. It should also give you an idea if the game will run on your machine (the game has pretty modest system requirements).

As discussed in my previous post, the PC version of the game has new content not in the original Xbox release including a new unlockable wagon, a new survival mode, and some new random scenes and surprises. But donít worry Xbox gamers! You are not forgotten. Fire up the Xbox game right now and youíll also get this new content in a free update.

This is a lot of new stuff from me releasing at once, so thereís a chance something will go wrong. If you encounter any issues with anything, my email can be found via the About link above.

Itís kind of surreal to look at the list of other Xbox Indie Games with PC debuts in Indie Royale, games like Escape Goat, Dead Pixels, Soulcaster, and DLC Quest, and think that my game is now added to that list. As someone who has been making games for less than 9 months, I donít really know that I deserve this opportunity, but Iím very grateful for it, and Iím going to try as hard as possible to make the best of it.