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Returning to Regular Updates, Social Media

It's been almost 6 years since I put my second game project Go Plague Monkey! Go! on hold to work on new projects and generally rethink my approach to solo independent game development. Not long after that I stopped posting on this blog or social media regularly partially because I didn't have an upcoming product to promote and partially because frankly social media in general had become less useful and less of a positive presence in my life.

Thankfully, social media has become a much happier, friendlier, safer place since then. Just kidding. But, I did always plan on returning to posting regular updates and sharing on social media when I was closer to releasing something, and that seems like now.


Go Plague Monkey! Go! on Hold

It's been about three years since I first started developing my second indie game project, Go Plague Monkey! Go! What was originally intended to be a small game grew into a much bigger, much more complicated project... and then it kept growing... and then I kind of burnt out. Sorry! I've decided to put the game's development on hold and work on other projects for a while. But it's not all bad news. I'm still planning to finish the game. I've also learned an enormous amount from working on it, and I'm excited to apply what I've learned. In particular, my immediate plan is to work on new game development tools that cater to my specific strengths and needs as a solo developer.


Go Plague Monkey! Go! at PAX East 2015

I'm happy to announce Go Plague Monkey! Go! will be at PAX East 2015 this weekend (March 6-8)! The Indie MEGABOOTH selected my game for inclusion in its MINIBOOTH showcase, and I'll be demoing the game for all three days of the convention. You can find the whole awesome MEGABOOTH line up here.

This will be my first time exhibiting the game in a long time, and a lot has changed! In fact, I spent the last 3 months giving the game a new art style with 2D sprites drawn from a 3D perspective. I hope some of you can come check it out! I've also updated the game's website with some screenshots of the game's new look.

Go Plague Monkey! Go! Update

It's been a while since I've updated this site! Until today the games page still listed Go Plague Monkey! Go! as having a planned 2013 release. Oops. Obviously I missed that date. But it's for the best! Development of the game has been going very well, and the game is becoming something bigger and better than I initially imagined.


Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Now On Steam!

Let's go adventure! The update turning the game into Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo is also now available on Desura, GamersGate, and Xbox Live Indie Games. If you bought the PC version before today and want a Steam key, I made a web page explaining how to get one. If you have any problems running the game, I made a web page for support. I'm very excited to see what new players think of the game and what old players think of the new stuff!

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