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Announcing TETRACHROMA, a new puzzle-action game for Windows PC that combines tetromino stacking (like Tetris) with a new color changing mechanic inspired by Reversi / Othello. Check out the Steam page featuring a brand new gameplay trailer!

In the game, each tetromino appears in multiple colors. The goal is to clear lines, but to do so, every block in the line must match. When you place a tetromino, adjacent horizontal and vertical lines change colors to match. This is a small game, but I've put a lot of effort into polishing the gameplay and presentation. I think the game's unique mechanic is an intuitive but challenging twist on tetromino stacking that I hope players will enjoy. The game is the testing and polish stages and should launch this year.
A screenshot of TETRACHROMAA screenshot of TETRACHROMA

The original idea for TETRACHROMA came from playing the Reversi mode of Clubhouse Games for the Switch. I thought the idea of combining Reversi color mechanics with block stacking had potential, but I filed it away for several years while working on other stuff. When I finally got around to testing out the mechanic in 2023, I was delighted to find that the combination of tetromino stacking and color transformation was instantly engaging: to me, the mechanic felt more like a discovery than an invention, so I couldn't resist exploring the mechanic and making a full game out of it.

My main focus in developing TETRACHROMA has been refining the core mechanics of the game. Tetris fans know that there isn't one version of Tetris, and the details of the game have a great effect on the gameplay. TETRACHROMA features a variety of game modes, each exploring a different style of tetromino stacking. Each of the game's 5+ modes features a unique block style and background theme, chosen to match the distinct game feel of the mode. The game features a 13 track soundtrack featuring new electronic renditions of romantic and modern era classical music, and a variety of options and difficulty settings.

A screenshot of TETRACHROMAA screenshot of TETRACHROMA

As you might know, I'm also actively developing a different game, Jump Mechanic, a 2d platformer. I'm still developing Jump Mechanic, but it's a much larger game that needs more time, so I think it's a good idea for me to finish and release this smaller game first. Both games also share a technical foundation, being based on the same custom C++ engine, so their development benefits each other. I'm very excited to share TETRACHROMA with you all. Check back here for more updates on the game's development, and if you're interested, considering wishlisting the game on Steam. Thanks!