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Announcing Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is coming to Steam because of you--the tens of thousands of people that bought the game, voted for it on Greenlight, made and shared videos of the game, and generally made the game super amazing. To say thanks and to celebrate the Steam release, I've put together an update for the game adding three new unlockable wagons, more detailed character customization, and some new scenes and surprises. Because the game didn't already have a long enough name, I'm calling the updated version Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo. The announcement video (complete with obnoxious dubstep) is below.

The updated game will be available on Steam on October 17--less than two days from now! If you've already bought the game, don't worry: the new version will also come to Desura, GamersGate, and Xbox Live Indie Games as a completely free update. Assuming nothing goes wrong in the various distribution processes, these updates should also be available on October 17 or at least very soon after. I'm also planning on giving Steam keys to anyone who has already purchased the PC version of the game. When the game launches on Steam I'll update the game's website with information about how to get your key. I'm super excited for the Steam release and to see what everyone thinks of the update!