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Dream Build Play Submission

I知 happy to report that Super Amazing Wagon Adventure has been submitted to Dream Build Play. You can find the official entry page here. You池e required to have a video for the submission, so I took the opportunity to make a trailer.

The version I submitted is not 100% complete. There are a couple of bits of content I知 still planning to add, and there are some saving / loading corner cases I need to work through. However, the version I submitted should hopefully give the judges a good idea of what the final game will be like.

I知 not realistically expecting to take home a cash prize. I知 going up against some formidable competitors including top sellers DLC Quest and Dead Pixels, plus some really awesome looking unreleased games like Cursed Cosmos (from Cursed Loot developer Eyehook Games), Axiom Verge, and Apple Jack 2. Realistically, this was primarily just a deadline for forcing myself to get the game close to complete. I知 also hoping to try to get the game a little bit more exposure. Hopefully with some self promotion I can get the trailer some views, and, who knows, maybe I値l be a finalist.