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Jump Mechanic's Steam Page is Live!

Jump Mechanic is coming soon to Steam! Check out the Steam page along with fresh screenshots of the game and a brand new "First Look" gameplay trailer. If you like what you see, consider adding Jump Mechanic to your Steam wishlist!

If you have been following my progress on Twitter you'll know I've been posting regular updates about the game since the announcement in April. There is still plenty of work to do, but the game is far enough along now that I think it's time to start sharing the game on Steam.

My promotion of the game so far has mostly been limited to updates on Twitter, but I also recently made a TikTok channel and a Threads account to share the game in new places. Creating TikTok videos takes a bit more work than posting on Twitter or Threads. However, I'd like to create more content of this type, because I think the appeal of the game is best understood through video. Jump Mechanic is a very kinetic game focused on controls and game feel, and to get the appeal, you kind of have to see the game in motion!

With the game's first trailer released, my plan is to now focus on preparing a demo of the game. I'm also very interested in connecting with fans of the 2d platforming genre who would be interested in trying out early versions of the game and offering feedback. If you're passionate about 2d platforming and would like to try the game early, please let me know on Twitter or send me an email. Keep checking back here for more major news updates, and remember to add Jump Mechanic to your Steam wishlist!