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New Website

If you've been here before, you might notice the site looks a little different. In fact, I redid the whole thing! Previously the site used the blogging platform Wordpress, which was nice but ultimately just added extra complexity I didn't need or want. The new site is just plain html statically pieced together with a python script. I'm hoping the simplicity of the new site will let me customize the look of the site a bit more without fear of breaking things.

One feature that's missing on the new site is comments. I'll be looking into it, but honestly, I may not add them back. I got a lot more comment spam than actual comments from people, and there are already quite a few other ways to leave feedback for me--twitter, email, Greenlight, Desura, etc.

If you check out the Games link above you'll also find there's a new entry! I'll have a more detailed announcement about that later.

I hope you like the new site, and do let me know if you find something broken. My contact info can be found via the About link above.