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Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Greenlit

Yesterday Valve announced an extra big batch of games on Steam Greenlight getting Steam distribution deals--100 titles instead of the usual 15, a stress test of their new internal tools for getting games onto Steam. I'm super happy to announce that Super Amazing Wagon Adventure was one of the 100! Thank you all! Your votes and support made this happen. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure has been for sale for more than a year now, and I'm still constantly amazed by everyone's enthusiasm and support for the game.

I don't have Steam keys yet, and I'm not sure how exactly I'll be distributing them, but I'll definitely do my best to give Steam keys to everyone that previously bought the PC version of the game and wants one. I'll have more details about that closer to the Steam release of the game. I also don't yet know exactly when that will be, but that's something I'll be figuring out as soon as possible.

Thanks again! I'm very excited for new players to get to experience the game.